5 Ways to Make Money On YouTube

I highlighted five ways to make a little money on YouTube, legally in my latest video. White hat. The kind of stuff that YouTube won't frown on and that you won't have to feel like you need to bathe in the morning after doing so. You can watch the video. Here are the five tips with all of the relevant links.

1. Join YouTube's partner program -- This is the link to apply to YouTube's ad revenue sharing partner program. YouTube

2. Blog it -- YouTube encourages you to blog on your profile page. Make it pay off while keeping it in the Google family. Join Blogger.com, a popular Google-owned blogger website. It doesn't matter if you don't know anything about HTML or programming. It's as easy as typing. Blog about your videos. Embed your videos (just copy and paste the "Embed" link provided on every video page) and make it interesting. Share a little backstory into the making of the clip, or provide supplemental information. Then You can do it directly through Google or through Blogger, but do this only after you have your blog up and running. Google will then serve up text ads relevant to what you are blogging about. You get a cut of the ad revenue on any leads you generate that way.

3. Tip Jar -- YouTube doesn't offer a tip jar. Yet. You can create one. Open a PayPal account if you don't have one yet. Then set up a link for donations. How? Once in PayPal, click on Merchant Services. Select Donate. Follow the steps, and then just past the HTML code into your blog or website. It'll look like this ->

Presto! Instant tip jar. Yes, this one works if you want to kick a little coin my way.

4. Sell your props -- If you've ever gone into Sid Cahuenga's or any store that sells authentic Hollywood props, you know how clothes and items worn by celebs in films are worth a lot. You may not be a Jolie or a Pitt, but you can still be a clip culture star. Offer to sell props that you're willing to part with from your videos. You can do this through eBay. Though a free way would be through Craiglist or Google Base. Val's Art Diary does this to perfection, drawing oil on canvas paintings on YouTube and auctioning them off on eBay for hundreds of dollars apiece.

5. Go local -- Merchants in your area would love exposure on YouTube. Make it happen. Find a merchant that fits with what you're doing. If you play guitar on YouTube go to music shops. If you blog about food, find a local restaurant. Ask them to be your sponsor in exchange for money, gear, grub, etc. Even if you're not a YouTube celebrity, they don't have to know that. As long as you're respectful, shedding them in the appropriate light, it can be a win-win deal. In fact, they may even wind up promoting you as much as you promote them!